Ultravoye is a manufacturer of art toys that serve as a medium for sharing exclusive audiovisual content. This product is designed for content creators who want to engage with their community in a unique physical way. The aesthetics and functionalities of the art toy are tailored to the collaborating content creator.
The first collaboration case proposed is with the clothing brand Late Checkout. This brand releases its collections inspired by characters from a hotel (the Bellboy I, the Bellboy II, the Rockstar, and the Rockstar Holidays Special) with a touch of luxury, but within a decadent and mischievous aesthetic. This feeling is conveyed through the accompanying and inspiring fashion photoshoots (parties, hangovers, mischievous looks, etc.).

The Ultravoye art toy collaboration with Late Checkout is inspired by a new character: The Film Director. In this collaboration, in addition to the clothing, a camera is launched through which exclusive audiovisual content can be shared with those who purchase it.

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